Thursday, August 13, 2020

Mitochondrial Disease: The Importance of Temperature Technology


Although this is considered to be a really rare condition, there is every possibility that more people suffer from mitochondrial disease than doctors can easily diagnose. The two most reliable ways of making a relatively accurate diagnosis are through a sampling of blood DNA or a biopsy of muscle tissue, but having said that, neither of those are entirely reliable either.

Usually, a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease is made through an analysis of symptoms displayed by the individual. At this point, you may be wondering what temperature technology has to do with a rare condition. Following is a brief summary of mitochondrial disease after which you’ll understand the need for temperature control as an important factor in treating this rare genetic condition.

Inability to Tolerate Temperature Extremes

One of the most common symptoms of mitochondrial disease in any form from mild to severe is a condition called dysautonomia, which is the body’s inability to accurately regulate temperature. It is not uncommon for a person with dysautonomia to have a baseline temperature of around 96 or 97 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, the sufferer will either sweat profusely at temperatures comfortable to the average person and will get intolerably cold at temperatures others tolerate well.

Temperature Technology Has the Easiest Solution

If you suffer from mitochondrial disease and find that you have a very low tolerance to changes in temperature, you will be happy to note that temperature technology has come a very long way in recent years. In fact, you can use your cell phone to change the temperature in your home if you have a temperature monitoring system in place.

These devices are so technologically savvy that you can even program them to keep a single area of your home at a constant temperature you can tolerate well. Check out reviews of several products on the market at Whether you need this device in one room or throughout the entire home, they are now easy enough to install and affordable even for the average household.

Have App – Will Travel

If you haven’t installed temperature technology that keeps a home, or a portion of that home, at a consistently comfortable temperature, you needn’t worry. Now you can download apps to communicate with your temperature control device no matter where you happen to be. In fact, you can monitor the temperature in any room controlled by a device so that you can keep it constant while at home or away.

You no longer need to wake up to a cold house because the only room warm enough is the bedroom. Before venturing out to make that cup of morning coffee, just pick up your smartphone, set the temperature you want and by the time you are ready to step out into the kitchen, it will have been heated to the exact temperature you need for comfort. Mitochondrial disease may be difficult to diagnose but keeping the air at a comfortable temperature is no longer an issue with recent advances in temperature technology. Affordable, convenient and efficient – what more could you ask?

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