Data Loss And Hard Drive Recovery Services

Data loss is a massive problem in today’s society. Statistically, 6% of all the data stored on any hard drive (from laptops to phones to databases) gets lost every year. Although that sounds like a small amount, that 6% can make the difference between your child’s first steps, to a loss of your vital customer data and leads. According to the Strategic Research Institute, 50% of companies with a data outage lasting longer than ten days, will go out of business.

With these numbers, it makes incredible sense to have a data recovery service available to you in the event of a catastrophic event. Common causes of data loss can include, hard drive crashes, operating system failures, malicious software attacks, power surges and electrical events, fire, smoke or water damage, accidental deletion and formatting issues.

Many people are unaware what to look for, and what to do in the event of a HDD failure. Your computer may not show any signs prior to a crash, it can happen in an instant, or gradually over time. All hard drive recovery companies will tell you the very thing you must NOT do is attempt to restart your computer. If you think your hard drive has failed, the best thing to do is leave it alone and allow a professional to diagnose the problem. You can cause a total loss of data simply by restarting your system. If you hear sounds coming from your hard drive in the form of clicking, whirring or grinding, shut your computer off immediately and take it to a qualified representative.

There are two different types of data recovery options available to you. You can call a data recovery service that will attempt to help you to recover the loss of your data in the comfort of your own home through the use of their software. The software can be downloaded and will scan your computer for your missing files. This can be easier and faster in the event your computer is still in working condition. However, in the event it isn’t, you can hire a data recovery expert or company to repair your broken internal or external hard drive.

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It is crucial to find the right hard drive repair company for your specific needs. After all, you might not get a second chance to recover your missing data. An experienced and reputable company can be found online through the assistance of customer reviews. It is important for you to research a company thoroughly before you invest time and money in their services. Some of the important aspects you are looking for in a hard drive repair company is, their reputation, cost of service and speed of recovery.

All data recovery services should take place in a lab with high class rated clean rooms that are designed to generate minimal air contamination. They should also contain equipment that minimizes and prevents electrostatic charges.

Look for a company with a comprehensive pricing plan that includes a free diagnostic examination, this will help to determine the cost of the repair prior to you investing in their services. And ideally a “no-fix” commitment, in essence, if they don’t fix your hard drive, you don’t have to pay. You can shop locally for a company in your area that can repair your hard drive, this eliminates the need to ship your equipment to an outside facility.

Regardless of the option you choose, it is important to be educated. Hard drive crashes are a part of our world. If you own a computer, it is likely you have experienced some type of problem in the past that inhibited you from accessing vital information stored on your computer. It has happened to me, it can happen to you.

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