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What Every Addict Should Know About Choosing the Right Detox Center

Any addict who has ever tried to get clean and sober knows that detoxing sounds easier than it is. It isn’t only a matter of being someplace where you can’t get your drug of choice because the physical symptoms of withdrawal are not easy to go through. In fact, this can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever need to experience in your life and why it is vital that you choose the right detox center to help you work through it.

Detoxing is not something you want to go through alone. More often than not an addict will simply switch one drug for another and then the addiction starts all over again. If you are serious about recovery, it’s time to understand what you should be looking for in detox centers. Here are some of the things every addict should know when seeking a treatment facility to help them with recovery.

Evidence Based Methodology and Protocols

There are many treatment facilities out there that don’t follow tried and true methodology and recovery protocol. Are there trained medical personnel on staff and does the treatment program follow a 12 Step program like that of Narcotics Anonymous (NA)? Will you be monitored for any signs and symptoms which could indicate your body is in crisis? Unfortunately, many detox centers are basing their treatment plans on theoretical approaches which should be limited to research. If there is no medical/scientific evidence to back their methodology, it’s in your best interest to keep searching for a center you can trust.

Success Ratio

Even treatment centers that follow standardized protocols may not have a great success ratio. One thing you will want to research is how successful that facility has been in helping addicts detox and continue on to recovery. How successful have they been in long-term recovery and do they follow their clients in aftercare? This is an important aspect of recovery because an addict is an addict for life. You never hear an addict say, “I’m a recovered addict,” but instead they will state, “I’m a recovering addict.” There is a huge difference, and this is why a significant period of aftercare is a must. You will be in recovery for the rest of your life.


It is also important to be allowed access to the facility. You need to meet the staff, counselors and any medical professionals who will be overseeing your care. Transparency is a must. Anyone can write an amazing press release on a detox center but if you aren’t allowed to tour the facility, either in person or on a virtual tour online, you have no way of knowing how much is hype and how much is fact. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the people and facility you will be trusting to guide you through recovery. If there is a lack of trust, you may be doomed to failure. After all, you are literally putting your life in their hands.

Bear in mind that detoxing is only the very first step in recovery. While it may be physically the hardest step to go through, you will be in recovery for the rest of your life. The right program can help you live a life free of the substance that brought you to this place in your life. If you have any doubts, keep searching. The right program is out there, now go find it. This is the first day of the rest of your life, so choose wisely and that will be a clean and sober life you can enjoy for many years to come.


The Lazy Lawnmower Approach May Help the Environment

In recent years there has been a great deal of concern in regard to a dwindling population of bees and other insects necessary for pollination. Some of this concern centers around the expanding use of GMOs which are intended to kill pests in food crops, but as a result, are also killing off insects necessary to the cycle of life. While you are reading articles published in online magazines for home improvement and maintenance, magazines like verellenhc also keep in mind that sometimes we over improve to the detriment of the ecology.

Always seek a healthy balance between aesthetics and nature when caring for your landscaping. In other words, go for those landscaping articles that encourage you to grow flowering plants in your gardens so that bees are encouraged to stop by for some of your plenteous pollen. Here are some thoughts on a recently published study conducted by UMass Amherst.

Sometimes It’s Okay to Be Lazy!

While GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are the focal points of many ecologists, to the homeowner, they are not really an issue. However, mowing your lawn weekly may very well be adding to the problem of dwindling numbers of bees, butterflies and other insects needed for pollination. What would our planet be like if suddenly there were no more bees?

Wouldn’t you miss your honey? However, the problem is much greater than that. What Susannah Lehrman, ecologist with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst says is that by mowing your lawn less frequently, you encourage these insects to stop by your house for a quick meal. If you religiously mow your lawn weekly, give yourself a break. Mow your lawn every other week. This is a trend quickly spreading and is known as the “Lazy Lawnmower Approach.”

How Does Being Lazy Help the Environment?

When you first think about the environment and subscribing to the “Lazy Lawnmower” approach, you may be led to believe that you are saving energy. You are cutting back on fossil fuel in an effort to reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere, thereby reducing damage to the ozone layer. That is actually true! Whether you use a gas operated mower or an electric mower, you will almost always be relying on fossil fuels at some point from the production of electricity to the operation of that mower.

However, that is only half the concern. Little flowers that grow on your lawn if left to reach a certain stage in their development are thought of merely as weeds. That, too, is true. Yet those weeds are helping to keep the population of bees intact and by so doing, you are helping to keep nature alive as well. Most of the plants on earth sustain life in some way and without pollination, each species will soon decline – someday to extinction. From food for people and animals to the production of lifegiving oxygen, those plants are vital to your survival.

There are other ways to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and they are not exactly an excuse for being lazy. Spend the day at the beach or golf course. Isn’t that a fun way to save the environment? “No, honey, I’m not making excuses! The environment needs me and I’m just doing my part!”


Why Online Enquiries For Used Cars Are On The Increase

There’s a revolution taking place in the car market, but it’s not down to the new models from the likes of Ford and Toyota. The most striking thing about car sales in 2018 is that online enquiries for used cars are showing a sharp increase. This is driven by car buyers who are looking for a reliable vehicle at an affordable price, and it’s especially good news for used car owners who are looking to move up to a larger or newer model.

A Huge Increase In January 2018

January often brings a post-Christmas lull in retail markets, as shoppers rest their bank accounts after the holidays or concentrate on paying off their credit card bills. That makes the sharp increase in online used car enquiries even more startling, as Dealerweb reports a 24% growth compared to January 2017, and a 6.5% rise on the previous month when used car sales are traditionally strong. This makes the future look bright for individual sellers and used car dealers, as projections continue to show strong growth in the purchase of cars over the internet throughout 2018 and beyond.

Added Convenience, Added Value

The reasons for the substantial growth in online used car searches can be put down to three factors: added convenience, improved technology, and added value. How we shop has changed dramatically over the last decade, with consumers choosing to purchase online rather than through traditional retailers. This shows little sign of stopping, and online retail sales worldwide are expected to double between 2016 and 2020. Consumers inquiring about used cars online have the convenience of being able to undertake a search from the comfort of their own home, and technological advances mean that many websites now allow people to take a virtual look around a car from all angles. Searching online also allows consumers to quickly compare prices on similar cars at a myriad of dealerships, ensuring that they get the best possible price when they make a purchase.

Used Cars Versus Broken Cars

The online searching and buying boom in the car trade means that there’s never been a better time to sell a used car, but it also makes the market significantly more competitive. It’s imperative that a used car is in good condition if it’s to sell, but owners looking to sell broken car or make money from a damaged car have no need to despair. Increasing numbers are turning to specialist companies who are willing to buy broken and non-running cars, saving the owner the need to pay to have them scrapped and allowing them to reinvest the money in a new vehicle.

It’s little surprise that the boom in online sales and inquiries seen in general retail should reach the used car market. After all, whether a consumer wants a new motor vehicle, the latest gadget, or simply their household shopping, the same need for value and convenience reigns supreme. It’s a win-win situation for car dealers and potential buyers that’s helping to drive further growth in the American economy.


Business Leaders Sound Off On Illinois Income Tax Hike

Last Thursday was eventful in Illinois, as some of the most prominent business leaders questioned the income tax hike on corporations and individuals. The situation that is happening right now in Illinois is important for the entire USA. Which is why we are devoting some special attention to this event.

What’s The Core Issue?

The core issue of the income tax hike is the Civic Committee increased concerns. About the “deterioration of Illinois’ attractiveness” both as a place to live and work.


Their statement continues to explain that the reputation among investors is also in danger with this solution. If things continue in this manner. It is inevitable for the state to raise $10 billion a year over the next five years, just to restore itself to the initial position.

What Could Be Done?

The group has also made some propositions. As to what can be done to improve the impending doom. By cutting the state government expenses, eventually. The amount of $2 billion could be saved and used to restore the budget. The remaining $8 billion should come from tax increases, on both individual rate and the corporate rate.

However, Illinois is not down with this decision.

Corporate income taxes are already high enough, which means the companies will seek opportunities out of Illinois in case the taxes increase in the future.

Paying Taxes

The best strategy would be for everyone to become more reliable when it comes to paying their taxes. As things are today, even two-thirds of the corporations in Illinois do not pay corporate taxes. The ninety-five percent of those companies have zero taxable income. This is the room for improvement and not the tax increase.

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with U.S. and Japanese Business Leaders at the U.S. Ambassador's residence, Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, in Tokyo. Trump is on a five country trip through Asia traveling to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Business groups should also pay income taxes which apply to retirement income, which will eliminate some of the tax exemptions for people who make more money, the right said the amount is more than $50,000 on a yearly income. The strategies that we must use are the ones who will bring progress to our society, not the ones that will withhold the progress and improvement.


McConnell Stumps For Kirk, But Don’t Tell Anyone!

It has come to general public’s awareness that McConnell secretly stumps for Kirk, the GOP Senate. This Illinois issue is reported quietly as the campaign continues. The Senate in its minority led by Kirk in Quincy yesterday failed to express their tendencies to the local media and make their presence known.


It has been said that Kirk’s fundraising plans did not get the word of the involvement of McConnell, but the spokesperson who heard from Kirk let us know that McConnell also joined the congressman at this event which was held in the form of a fundraising breakfast. We hope that the morning plans will bring the fruit at the Springfield press conference which is to be held later afternoon.


The campaign initially tried to keep the McConnell’s appearances out of the limelight, precisely because of the concern that activists who were against the unemployment benefits might show up to rain on this otherwise successful parade. The reason for the concern was in fact induced by the fact that something similar already happened in Louisville on Wednesday last month when the legislation bill was pushed to a block.

Why Is Unemployment Such A Big Issue?

It helps to grasp a bigger picture. Surely, things are not great in Illinois, but that is just a part of the puzzle. In fact, it can be said that the problems we are facing in Illinois are global problems and they have increased in the last couple of years. The problems such as poverty, unemployment, and health services are also global issues.


The chances are that we in Illinois are having it much better than other parts of the world, but we are still not satisfied with the current situation either. Are looking for changes, be the change yourself. And you are unemployed, think of a startup business and employ not just yourself but others too. If we want to turn the economy around, we have to work hard and stop complaining; this is the only way the improvement and the changes we are waiting for, will come to us.


Dick Durbin’s Still At War With The Radio

Chances are this is not the first time you hear about the problems senator Dick Durbin is having with the radio stations. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin is nowadays actually hitting back hard at right-wing talk radio stations. Such as WTAD-AM in Quincy. And all of this because of one simple notice!

The radio has been refusing to send an official apology after violating the care event at an Illinois hospital.

What Does The Hospital Say?

At the down-central hospital, Dr. Laura commented on the event just shorty. Stating that the hospital has been meeting with the state officials to resolve the situation. The note has been sent from Senator Durbin’s office to plan the media events with the note that it should not be published.



However, upon the publication of the note, the Senator has felt violated and angry with reason. The calm discussion is supposed to take place with the local officials in the form of a tea party. But if you ask me, it is nothing short of rude.

What Did Other People Say About It?

The Chicago office official stated that any notice of future events would definitely be questioned upon this event, which puts everyone in danger. Does that mean we cannot say anything to anyone anymore?

Mike Moyers also expressed his disappointment in the message that was delivered over the STARadio. That they have chosen to silence the press.


What do you think of it? Who is right and who is wrong? How would you go about this situation and what would you advise the officials to do? Unfortunately, we are all experiencing the effects of their respective decisions, so the least we can do is even hypothetically provide a solution!


The Most Interesting News Of 2017! And the Changes We Hope For in 2018

Over the year we have read tons of news, but some of them are just more memorable than others! Here are the stories that left a mark of the entire year! But how will things change in 2018? We hope that some of this news will no longer present an issue in our reality!

ER Stories: When Things Get Strange

On a Sunday evening, 14-year-old John DeTone was in-line skating with friends on his driveway when he tripped and fell on his arm. Half an hour later, his wrist started hurting. John’s dad phoned the emergency room (ER), and a nurse advised him to bring his son in. John, a fan of TV shows like “ER” and “Rescue” 911,” was a little nervous about going to the ER. Fortunately, the ER managed to save his wrist and organize a quick and necessary surgery.

Chase The Snoring Away!

In 2017 we have also found an effective cure for snoring!

Chronic snoring is an incredibly problematic condition that can lead to potentially fatal health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease which includes heart attacks and strokes. The repercussions of consistent snoring are very serious and can be easily prevented by putting an end to your snoring. There are several anti-snoring mouthpieces available that have been tried and tested, proving to immediately eliminate snoring, or at least significantly reduce it, by repositioning the jaw.



This repositioning restricts the tongue from falling back into the throat, blocking the airway and causing snoring. In addition to these mouthpieces, there are chinstraps and bands available that profess to accomplish the same results by advancing the lower jaw externally, rather than orally. These bands are 3 inches thick and made of soft material that splits into two thinner bands at the back to comfortably secure the band to your head. A band at the crown of your head and one at the base ensures that the chinstrap stays in place and keeps your jaw in the correct position.

The My Snoring Solution

The My Snoring Solution offers an anti-snoring chinstrap that claims to eliminate your snoring immediately by bringing your jaw forward while you sleep. Their chinstrap is designed to maintain an open airway to stop the back (soft palate) of your throat from relaxing too much and constricting the airway. Rather than focusing on the placement of the tongue, the band simply forces the airway to remain open throughout the night.

This may work for some people, particularly side-sleepers because the tongue is usually kept clear of the airway and the snoring may be the result of another issue, like the over-relaxed palate.

However, because chronic snoring is very often caused by the tongue blocking the airway, a chinstrap can prove ineffective. My Snoring Solution costs nearly twice as much as the majority of anti-snoring mouthpieces available which receive a much higher customer satisfaction rate. The My Snoring Solution chinstrap is a whopping $119.97 and is not able to claim a high success rate because it does not exist. While there are customers who have found this device effective and are happy with their purchase, the bank of customer complaints far exceeds the success stories.


Consumers have often found that the chinstrap does not reduce snoring at all, some have even claimed that the band made their snoring worse and that it is difficult to breathe while wearing the chinstrap. Even more, dozens of customers have complained about the My Snoring Solution return policy. Not only are you charged shipping and handling for returning the product but you are also charged a 25% disposal fee. In no way is the customer offered a full refund for their dissatisfaction.

In addition to the ineffectiveness of the product and the less than impressive customer service, people who have reviewed the chinstrap have also complained of neck and jaw soreness as well as excessive sweating. The band is only available in one size which some people have also complained is too small for the circumference of their heads. Wearing a chinstrap all night that wraps around your entire head is simply not a comfortable way to sleep.For nearly half the cost, an anti-snoring mouthpiece can be purchased that have been dentist-designed, FDA-approved and clinically proven to work.

The FDA: Strong On Monitoring Some Things, But Not On Sugar

When a fierce winter storm tossed the Santa Clara I in New Jersey coastal fishing waters on January 3, 1992, 432 drums of toxic arsenic trioxide washed over-board. As a salvage firm and the Coast Guard cleaned up the spilled cargo, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) swept into action. Thanks to the FDA, no contaminated seafood ever found its way into stores.


The FDA is on the scene after hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, when foods damaged by floodwater or power loss threaten to compound public health problems. Monitoring cargo is even more in the spotlight these days, and we hope that control increases in 2018.

Stress Myths And How To Lower Yours

Myth #1: Only bad/unpleasant situations are stressful. Lists of stress-makers also include all kinds of happy events: weddings, graduations, a job promotion, moving to a now house, a new baby brother or sister, winning the lottery, and even falling in love. For instance? If you get into your first choice for college, you’ll be jumping for joy–but you’ll also have a whole new list of decisions, choices, and worries to handle.

Myth #2: In the best kind of world, there wouldn’t be any stress. BOR-ing! Too much peace can make us bored, restless, and miserable.

Stress is inevitable. But lowering stress is essential. In 2018 we hope that we suffer only from the good kind of stress and avoid the bad ones.

Data Loss And Hard Drive Recovery Services

Data loss is a massive problem in today’s society. Statistically, 6% of all the data stored on any hard drive (from laptops to phones to databases) gets lost every year. Although that sounds like a small amount, that 6% can make the difference between your child’s first steps, to a loss of your vital customer data and leads. According to the Strategic Research Institute, 50% of companies with a data outage lasting longer than ten days, will go out of business.


With these numbers, it makes incredible sense to have a data recovery service available to you in the short notice, so it would be wise if you would back up data in 2018 as well!

Groundwater: A Major Resource We Should Care For

Most of us have seen polluted streams and lakes. But one of the biggest threats to our drinking water is invisible because the water itself is underground. We asked Dr. Katta J. Reddy, a senior research scientist at the Wyoming Water Resources Center, to explain what groundwater is and why it needs to be protected.

What is groundwater?

Usually, groundwater is defined as the water trapped in the pores beneath the soil, in the pores in the rocks. It supplies our nation’s wells and springs. Groundwater moves like a river–fast at one place, and slowly at other places. We hope to focus on groundwater even more in 2018!

Are You Risking Hearing Loss?

Rick set the radio volume so he could barely hear the words, then turned off the car. “What are you doing?” asked Jeff.“My drumming magazine said this is a quick way to check the loudness of a rock concert. If we still can hear and understand the words on the radio after we’ve been to a concert, then the music wasn’t too loud,” Rick explained.


After the concert, Rick turned on the car radio, but the teens couldn’t hear anything. “That music gave us a short-term hearing loss.”Jeff shrugged. “One rock concert can’t hurt.” Yeah, but we hope that in 2018 we finally learn how to handle our exposure to loud noise responsibly.

Choking: How To Stop It And Save Lives

In November 1994, Christina Swick, 18, was on the school bus, headed home. As usual, the bus was filled with laughter and shouting. Then, someone in the back yelled out, “Hey, Charlie’s choking!”

At first, Christina and the other students from John S. Battle High School in Mendota, Virginia, didn’t react.

Charlie Carroll often sounds like he’s choking, even when he isn’t. He has Wilson’s disease, a neurological impairment due to excessive copper in the liver and brain. He can’t talk or control his muscles. Learning more about diseases can help you save lives, read more and educate yourself so that you too can be able to help.

Bad Hair Days Can Mean Bad Health

Have you ever noticed that when your hair looks good, you feel better? When you like how your hair looks, you have more confidence, you feel happier, and your whole outlook improves. If healthy hair can do all that, why ever again have a bad hair day?

The Long and the Short of Hair

The Long and the Short of HairThe main component of hair is a tough protein called keratin, which is produced by cells at the root of a hair. Each hair fiber is made up of three layers. The outer layer, the part you see, is called the cuticle. Handling your hair is just one of many ways in which you can take a good care of your overall appearance, but the role of impeccable hair is not to be neglected.

Smoking Still An Issue For Teens

What kills more people each year than AIDS, illegal drugs, car accidents, alcohol, homicides, suicides, and fires combined? With an annual death toll of more than 400,000, cigarette smoking is the number-one preventable cause of death and disease in the United States.

Of the 3,000 teens a day who become new smokers, 1,000 will die from a tobacco-related disease. Now new laws seek to stamp out teen smoking. We can only hope that 2018 will bring this problem to an end.

Hook ‘Em While They’re Young

Eighty-two percent of all adults who have ever smoked started before age 18. In 1994, almost 19 percent of eighth graders already were smoking.

Teens Need To Get Smart With Fitness

My name is Brian. The story I’m about to tell you is true. I’ve changed some of the names so I wouldn’t embarrass my friends, but it all happened just like this…

I was a pretty scrawny kid, but I thought I’d get bigger as a teenager. Well, I didn’t. In 10th grade, I was 5’9″ and weighed 125 lbs. The guys called me Bird Legs, which I didn’t mind so much, but the girls called me Mr. No Shoulders. Boy, did that hurt. I was too skinny to play football and not tall enough to play basketball, so I fitness ideas for 2018 are more than welcome!

When You’reStressin.’

Is life more stressful for American teens today than it was for their parents and grandparents? Most experts say yes, it is. Compared to teenagers of 20 or 30 years ago, today’s teens are more likely to: be poor (14 million U.S. children and teens–about one in four–live in a household where income is below poverty level).

Photo of Woman having insomnia in bed

Live with only one parent be homeless or in foster care face pressure to participate in sex, drinking, drugs, criminal activity, etc. therefore they feel “in danger” on the streets or at school knowing somebody who has died violently. Let’s just hope that 2018 will bring changes in this field as well.